WP 1: Value-chains for different strategic specific nanotech applications

Define and construct value chains for selected nanotech applications covering all relevant NT-areas based on the EU-strategy for nanotechnology.

This WP will define and construct value chains of the transfer to the market for different specific applications of nanotechnology based on reviews of different case studies.

Construction of value chains will include analysis on, amongst others, factors such as time to market, maturity of the technology as well as Complexity of IP management.

WP 2: Technology mapping for different strategic nanotech applications

Build an exhaustive but synthetic map of the technological context of the nanotech applications analysed during the project.

WP2 consists in mapping an exhaustive investigation of information covering patent and scientific publications as well as main actors in the field.

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WP 3: IP cultures for nanotech developments

This WP will compile different cultures of IP management in technology developments projects. General best practices for when to use them and how, will also be given. Models for these cultures may also be given.

Nano2Market proposes to compare IP practices in nano- and converging areas with the time to market variable (as a measure of maturity of the technology), technology user and development time. This kind of comparison will feed contribute towards concluding guidelines that will help technology developers to have a better understanding of its position in the IP landscape.

WP 4: Technology transfer and IP strategies for different nanotech application

In this workpackage, the observed strategies for those technologies with classical and visible value chains of WP1 will be analysed regarding the matrix of risk identified also at WP1, and including all the inputs from WP2 and WP3. For those technologies with no visible value chain to the market (i.e. those with longer time to market) a strategy for TT and IP management will be proposed and also discussed.

The aim of this WP is to put all the experts of Nano2Market consortium, plus other relevant experts invited, to regard a case of TT and IP strategy and discuss it in order to provide possible improvements and alternatives to actual IP cultures in nanotech.

WP 5: Best practices and guidelines for IPR and technology transfer in nanotech developments

To analyse the information gathered, to determine best practice examples from case studies and discussion seminars for IP management and Technology Transfer in the field of nanotech as well as to provide a series of recommendations and guidelines for best practice in the form of guides; To raise awareness of the importance of IP management in the context of transnational and joint research projects.

WP5 will summarise and consolidate prior analysis conducted in WP3 and WP4. WP3 studies existing IP practice and management in the field of nano in function of time-to-market of the technology, market position and development time. WP5 will aim to consolidate this information into best practices in this field, plus provide some recommendations for future strategies in the field of IP and TT.

WP 6: Communication & dissemination of results. Industry integration

The conclusions of the WP1 to 5, are of highly strategic value for decision makers of the developers of nanotech and industry and VCs willing to invest on nanotech. They are also useful policy instruments for bodies such as the European Commission.

Accordingly, the objectives of this workpackage are,

  1. To collect the results of the first six workpackages into professional documents, and transform them into functional documents depending the audience they will address, such as journals (e.g. Nanotech & Law)
  2. To make the documents available to all interested parties all over Europe,
  3. To identify and use appropriate and efficient communication channels (e-mail, mail, meetings, and web) to disseminate the results to all stakeholders,
  4. To participate, where appropriate, in policy-oriented meetings.

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