Project background


Nanotechnology is among the emerging technologies which will dictate the future technological development and growth trends. The use of nanotechnology results at present are generally at an early stage of development.

Nanotechnologies can impact both supporting and advancing existing technologies; nanotechnologies have the potential to add significant value in performance and eventually lower cost to many products across many different sectors.

Many different IPR and license agreements cultures will have be applied on the nanotech area depending on the type of specific application and results.

For this reason, the application of IPRs and technology transfer agreements within the nanotechnology and converging areas are an increasing problem that research institutes, universities and SMEs doing research on the area are facing nowadays in Europe. Cutting-edge developments will be ready to transfer in the near future but old business models cannot work with the broad understanding necessary for diverse technologies, applications and markets of nanotechnology. Specific IPR strategies are necessary, as well as awareness raising on the importance of adequate protection measures.

The fact that some of the nanotech developments are now at a very early stage is an opportunity to set a framework of IPR culture optimised for the transfer of these technologies.

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